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Why Do I Need A Will?

Why Can’t I Just Print OneFrom The Internet Or Buy A Will Kit?

The decision concerning the distribution of your property at your death is one that you should make carefully after discussing your needs and desires thoroughly with an attorney. We will discuss with you the consequences of your decisions as well as prepare a document that fits your needs. The made to order Wills will not do that. The decisions are too important to leave to impersonal software. You cannot ask questions of a computer. Internet forms may not reflect current laws. Also, forms may not have Pennsylvania specific laws and language.

You need to consider: property that will pass to others outside of your Will, inheritance tax issues, including how they are to be paid,the impact of changes in circumstances after you write your Will and the rights/duties you are granting to the party who will act as the executor of your estate.

What Happens if I Die Without a Will in the State of Pennsylvania?

If you die without a will YOU do not decide where your assets go-the State does/YOU do not select your Executor-the person appointed as Administrator may be someone you would rather not have in that position. The result may not be one that reflects your wishes. There also may be adverse tax implications.

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